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Hours: Weekdays, by appointment only

Tel: 724.799.8300
Fax: 724.799.8303

Payment and Insurances:
• Highmark, BCBS, Aetna, Cigna (only primary insurances billed)
• Self-pay option available (please call for fee schedule)
• Copays/deductibles must be paid at the time of service; cash or check only
• Fees will be charged for completion of (lengthy) forms and copying of records

Do I have to be there?
Therapy with minors is preferably done with a parent present for the purpose of continuity of teaching/modeling at home (this is especially important when treating patients with OCD); consider: “if they could do it by themselves…”

What if I need to speak to the doctor after hours?
The doctor is available 24-7 for her patients/parents who require emergency assistance. There is no nurse or answering service. Patient communications will not occur through texting or email.

What if my child/I require a prescription?
Dr. Monica may prescribe medication when indicated. Prescriptions will never be given for anti-anxiety medications or sleep aids. Three-month prescriptions will not be written.

Why does my child’s teacher need to be contacted?
A complete evaluation includes eliciting scaled responses from your child’s teachers (and any other significant adults who know the child well). Dr. Monica will not be able to assess and treat your child if this is not permitted.

My child’s other parent doesn’t live with us so do they have to be involved?
Unless loss of custody has occurred due to court order or parental relinquishment, any biological parent has the right to be present with a child and receive information about a visit (so long as that information is not protected information or information received in the course of private communication between child and doctor). Custody or guardianship situations must be proven with official documents. Note: the doctor is not responsible for relaying information to parents who are not present.

Can I have my relative, neighbor, or sitter bring my child?
No. Minor children must be accompanied by a guardian. If it is important enough for your child to seek behavioral therapy services, it is important enough for you to be there! See above.


I am a behavioral pediatrician, and have additionally completed a fellowship in pediatric cardiology. I am also a clinical social worker, having received a Master of Social Work. My chosen therapy modality is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in which I have further specialized training. I am certified in trauma therapy as well. In support of my divorce work, I am a Family Mediator and Child Specialist Mediator, and am currently pursuing a Master of Jurisdiction in Child Law from Loyola University School of Law.

I am married and have three young-adult children. I love all sports, especially golf! I also enjoy music of all kinds and am in the process of learning classical guitar. Other hobbies include photography and baking. I especially love visiting the elderly with Mocha, my therapy cat.

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