Here are some comments from those whom I have had the honor to help...

“After suffering from recurring OCD from ages 11-33 I finally met Dr. Monica. She was the first person to treat my OCD correctly and the results speak for themselves. Through CBT, ERP, and a slight adjustment in medication I went from being forced to take time off work due to severe OCD symptoms to going back to work and getting glowing performance evaluations in the following years. Things that used to cause me severe anxiety don’t bother me now. I am forever grateful to Dr. Monica for giving me my life back and helping me break the chains that OCD had on me. She helped me immensely and she can help you too!”


“I just wanted to thank you for all your help. I’m doing so much better with so many things having seen you. You are pretty much the best therapist a person could have, and I’ve had a lot! I still do everything we worked on. Some things I don’t even have to any more. All-in-all things are going well, and you definitely played a big part in that. So, again, thank you for everything, you’ve helped me so much. Take care, Doc.”


“Dear Doctor Monica, my family and I would like to thank you for your tremendous care, concern, and service you have provided us. We’ve only been with your office a short time, but those few years have given ample opportunity for us to see that you are a great asset to your profession and a treasure to your community and your patients. We wish you well….may God bless your each endeavor, each moment, each day!”


“I have worked with many physicians over the years as an RN, and have met only a few who truly stand out for their patient advocacy and commitment. Dr. Monica Garrick is one of those- I highly commend and respect the dedication she brings to her patients and their families.”


“We can not say enough good things about Dr. Monica. My daughter is eleven years old and has trichotillomania. She had been under the care of a psychiatrist for over 2 years without much success despite treatment, therapy, and medications. I searched the trichotillomania website for a specialist and found Dr. Monica. It is amazing to see the difference in my daughter in just a short time. Her hair is growing in and she is almost off of all medication. She uses the techniques and tools taught to her by Dr. Monica and it has made a world of difference. I would highly recommend Dr. Monica.”

Pam J.

“We started with Dr. Monica 2 years ago. We moved to a different practice for insurance reasons. We came back to Dr. Monica regardless of insurance. She takes the time to understand the complete picture. She gathers information, listens, and provides feedback. She has made the difference for us as a family; she is exactly what we needed.”


“Dr. Monica has made such a positive impact on our lives. She has been treating my son for ADHD for 5 years now. It's been like a miracle! Our monthly visits and medication have helped our son make so much improvement in school. He is able to stay focused and his grades have improved. We've gotten so many positive comments from his teachers about what a great student he is. Thanks Dr. Monica!”


“I have been seeing Dr. Monica since 3rd grade. She listens to me every month and helps my parents know how to deal with my ADHD. She taught me that this is a disorder that needs to be treated. I'm not embarrassed by my ADHD. I take medicine that helps me focus…..I can pay attention in school and in baseball and football.”


“We met Dr. Monica about two years ago, when our daughter was diagnosed with ADHD at 6 years old. …we didn't know what to think or do with this diagnosis. After a thorough evaluation to be sure that we had a true diagnosis our daughter began her treatment. We see the doctor monthly for medication checks that include a close watch on her vital signs, weight and overall health.

“Dr. Monica has been a God-send. She has helped us give our daughter the best possible chance for a bright future. She informed us about the options we have for her educational support. She monitors her medication closely and makes changes as needed. I think I breathed an audible sigh of relief when I heard her say that she will not allow our daughter to be "in a fog" …that this "wasn't acceptable".
“We know this journey is ever-changing but we know with Dr. Monica's help we will get through this. I say "we" because ADHD truly affects everyone in the family. We can highly recommend Dr. Monica. Her professionalism, expertise, and compassion were evident from the day we met her. She truly has her patient's best interest at heart.”


“Doctor Monica, your presentation in Harrisburg was excellent. I really enjoyed hearing your approach to the ADHD child from the viewpoint of a pediatrician, which was so much more comprehensive than the psychiatrist viewpoint. I now feel that I have a great model for my approach to my patients. Your passion for the needs of these children is amazing and your patients are blessed to have you. I am very privileged to have met you and am grateful that you offered to share your expertise with me. Thank you so much!”

Dr. DB, MD

My son has been a patient with Dr. Monica for 2 ½ years. We had been having some educational issues and some behavioral issues based on his ADHD. We were referred to her for an evaluation. We were able to get him on medication that was extremely effective in managing his behavior and his academic progress. The key factor in working with Dr. Monica is that the parents, as well as the child, are vital to the success of her program. She listens to your input, and your child's. She requests check sheets from the teachers to see how your child is doing academically and behaviorally in the school setting. She is very easy to reach to set up an appt. I like the fact that Dr. Monica works with the whole family and the teachers to make sure that all input is being utilized to give your child the best outcome possible. She also looks at proper diet to make sure that your child is eating the right foods. I would highly recommend Dr. Monica to other parents for their child. However, parents need to be committed to working with Dr. Monica as a team.”


“I have been seeing Dr. Monica for a little over a year now to treat my OCD, depression, anxiety, and ADHD. Before I started seeing her, my quality of life was not great. Living with a disorder that society, as well as you yourself, does not understand is not easy.

Dr. Monica has helped me not only cope with my symptoms, but positively correct them. She has been there with me every step of the way to celebrate the victories, no matter how small, and to find ways to conquer the setbacks that I encounter. I have never dealt well with things that are a process. I like to see end results quickly so that I can move on to something else. I knew, going into therapy, that it was going to be a long process, which made me a bit nervous. However, upon meeting Dr. Monica, she told me that she would work hard and expected me to do the same. From that moment I realized that, no matter what, she would not give up on me like so many people in my life had before. This ‘no nonsense’ approach is exactly what I needed to succeed with my therapy.

I may not be at the point in my life where I am completely free of my disorders, but I have come a long way from when I first met Dr. Monica. I know things can only improve from this point, and I am forever grateful to Dr. Monica for that.”


“My son was really struggling in school and his grades showed it. He was easily distracted and lacked focus. We went to our primary care physician and she recommended my son see Dr. Monica.

Dr. Monica interviewed my husband and me and then did a thorough evaluation on my son. She prescribed Concerta. After figuring out the right dose for him we saw results! His teacher noticed right away too! His recent report card was great; he went up 1-2 letter grades in every subject!

“We have been so pleased with Dr. Monica! I am so glad that she takes his vitals and weight at every appointment.”


“I have 2 children with ADHD. For years we relied on our pediatrician to write a script for a 3 month supply of Adderall. While this helped in some areas, it made other things worse. We kept giving it to them because we didn't know any better. Then we found Dr. Garrick. She helped us sort through everything, and the children are on the right track now. Not only did she change their meds to fit their needs, she offers coaching strategies for parents, and coping skills for the children. She is a terrific resource of information. I am so appreciative of the services that she offers, and her passion for helping all children.”


“Dr. Monica has counseled me through OCD and has treated me for ADHD. It's made such a positive difference in my relationship with my wife. Before seeing Dr. Monica, my wife could be called a "Saint" for dealing with me every day!”


“I am a single parent of twin boys who are now teenagers. One has ADHD and one doesn't. Dr. Monica has helped my son and I for over 15 years. She has given my son and I some very good tools to help him deal with his ADHD, and to help me cope with the ADHD. Dr. Monica has given me many very good common every day alternatives of dealing with the ADHD child in the same situations as a non-ADHD child. Those tools have helped me so I don't tear down his confidence, and my ADHD son doesn't feel like I am treating him differently than his brother.

“Dr. Monica is an excellent teacher and explains everything so both my son I can understand what she is saying and will be able to apply what she teaches. She does not talk down to either one of us but instead explains it very clearly and concisely. I believe Dr. Monica is the best thing for ADHD people and their families, so we can all begin to understand and live with this disability!”

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